Pledge for Birds of the Arctic Refuge!

Pledge for these birds:

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This year Rand and I will celebrate our 30-year wedding anniversary, and yet, we cannot help but remain focused on the tragic threats facing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Because of this, we invite you to join us in opposing lease sales in the Arctic Refuge, and to help keep the drilling rigs out of this untouched landscape.

Here is a list of birds that have been spotted on trips through the Canning River between 2006 to 2017. Our friend Aaron Lang of Wilderness Birding Adventures will track every bird he sees during an upcoming journey on the river and compile a log at the end of the birds he’s seen.

Pick your favorites and pledge to donate for each type he finds!

For example, if you pledge $5 and list three types of birds, you contribute $5 for each of the birds that are seen along the trip. If all three of your birds are seen, that means a $15 donation.

Feel free to pick as many bird types as you’d like, and pledge as generously as you can to help keep these special places free from drilling and pristine for many years to come.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact League staff at or 202-544-5205.