Wilderness Week Application

Alaska Wilderness Week 2018 will be held in Washington, DC May 19 - May 23! We would love to have you join us.  Applications will be accepted until APRIL 9. You will be notified by then about whether you've been accepted.

Please note: there is a significant amount of walking involved in participating in Wilderness Week. You will be walking from our office to both the House and Senate office buildings as well as back and forth between the buildings over the course of three days "storming the Hill." Each year we ask participants if there is advice they would give to a future participant and here's one answer we received: "be prepared to walk!"

Please completely fill out the information below.  We understand some of this information is personal and we hold your security in high regard, however, we need it to be able to book your flight or train tickets and match you with a roommate. 

We will review your application once you submit it.  We will prioritize applications from areas we have identified as being most important to our campaigns. 

Read more here, and if you have any questions, please email monica@alaskawild.org or call 484-887-0862.


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