Tell Senator Murkowski that we want salmon stream protections today

Dear Senator,

As an Alaskan, I’m writing to express my disappointment in the provision of the Wildfire bill that seeks to delay the adoption of the Tongass National Forest plan amendment.  To ignore the work of the TAC and to undermine consensus that has been built around the new management plan keeps us from moving forward on building a sustainable economy, while risking the iconic place that is the Tongass National Forest.  Please remove this provision of the Wildfire bill.


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    Southeast Alaskans have been working together for years to chart a new course for the Tongass National Forest – one that supports the region’s economy and the region’s unique quality of life.  In less than a few months, this work will be complete… unless Senator Murkowski succeeds at delaying this great progress.  

    Murkowski is attempting to amend a very popular bill – one that would better fund the fighting of wildfires – with language that would stop the adoption of the new management plan developed by a diverse set of stakeholders including – the timber industry, government officials, and conservationists.

    We should not ignore this important work. Instead of continuing the harmful old-growth clear cuts of the past, we should support sustainable industries and protect this iconic national forest.