Tell the Forest Service: Stop the Chopping Spree in America’s Tongass!

We’re making progress stopping a chopping spree in America’s Tongass National Forest. After receiving several waves of letters and public comments, the Alaska regional forester has agreed to amend the plan for how the Tongass is managed. Tell the regional forester to solidify a transition to sustainable management of our Tongass National Forest. This transition will ensure that the wildlife and sustainable industries in the forest – like fishing and tourism – thrive.

Dear Regional Forester Beth Pendleton,

I applaud your decisions to amend the Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP) and to delay the Big Thorne timber sale until the potential impacts on deer and the Alexander Archipelago wolf are fully investigated. 

As you move forward with the TLMP amendment process, I strongly urge you to implement a rapid transition out of large-scale old-growth logging to more sustainable management of the Tongass National Forest.  Instead of supporting a dying timber industry with massive government subsidies, the Forest Service should support growth industries like fishing and tourism that provide almost 20,000 jobs to the region.  Keeping the forest intact will help these industries to thrive, while protecting the Alexander Archipelago wolf from extinction.

Thank you for making the choice to reform management of America’s rainforest and to stop the largest timber sale in two decades from moving forward. 


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