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Colville River Delta in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
Colville River Delta in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
Photo © 2004 Gary Braasch.

At 22 million acres, the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska (Reserve) is our nation’s largest single unit of public land. It includes ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers and provides a habitat for some of America’s most iconic species – polar and brown bears, walrus, beluga whales, caribou and millions of migratory birds.

Now, for the first time ever, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is considering a new management plan for the Reserve that protects key habitat areas from oil and gas development.

Tell Secretary Salazar that special areas within the Reserve should remain protected for future generations.

National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska: An Overview
The Reserve includes a complex of ponds, lakes, streams and rivers that provides habitat for rare and threatened wildlife and includes many special places, including:

  • The Colville River – the largest Arctic river in Alaska and home to the largest population of nesting arctic falcons and rough-legged hawks in Alaska.
  • The Utukok Uplands – home to our nation’s largest caribou herd.
  • Teshekpuk Lake – the center of the world's biggest Arctic wetland and the heart of an international migration of waterfowl- some may come to your state.
  • Kasegaluk Lagoon – one of the longest lagoon-barrier island systems in the world with a significant concentration of calving and molting beluga whales.
  • Dease Inlet-Meade River – the highest breeding densities of the vulnerable Yellow-billed Loon in the western hemisphere.
  • Peard Bay – the highest density nesting area of the endangered Spectacled Eider in Alaska.
  • DeLong Mountains – the wildlife highway – connecting interior Alaska to the Arctic Coastal Plain and home to brown bear and the elusive wolverine.

Map of special places in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska

Dear Secretary Salazar: The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is our nation’s wildest place and deserves protection. I urge you to adopt Alternative B in order to provide the most responsible and balanced management plan for the Reserve – to allow for future oil and gas development in some areas while also safeguarding the special places that are key habitat areas that are vital to healthy wildlife populations in America’s Arctic.

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