Reject drilling in Arctic Refuge polar bear denning grounds!

Dear Senators:

Please vote against any legislation to drill in the Arctic Refuge.


    Oil drilling does not belong in unique places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This remote region not only serves as a refuge for mother polar bears hungry in an era of climate change, but also sustains nursing caribou and millions of fledgling migratory birds.

    According to new research, if we don’t address Arctic warming now, we may have only a few decades before polar bears disappear from Alaska completely. We must do everything we can to address climate change and keep their habitat wild. Urge your senators to vote against any legislation that would open polar bear denning grounds in the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling.

    You can see how difficult it can be to spot a bear den in this video from 2011. It was released before the recent USFWS report suggesting the threat to polar bears is more serious.