Keep Alaska's Public Lands in Public Hands!


We are Americans standing up for our public lands and against efforts to privatize or clear-cut the Tongass National Forest. We oppose legislation that would hand Tongass lands over to private individuals or corporations. And we ask that you prioritize sustainable uses of the forest, so that our generation and those who follow can all equally enjoy the benefits of the Tongass National Forest.


    The Tongass National Forest is America’s largest national forest, encompassing the majority of Alaska’s southeast panhandle. While decades of clear-cutting has cost the Tongass portions of its best habitat, the region still contains some of the most intact expanses of temperate rainforest remaining in the world. And today, more than ever, the Tongass needs your voice.

    Numerous bills in Washington, DC, would privatize public land or destroy important remaining old-growth forest in the Tongass. Alaska’s congressional delegation is behind many of these, prioritizing corporate profits over the sustainability of the forest and its long-term future.

    Alaska citizens, and indeed all Americans, benefit from keeping these lands in public hands. Destructive old-growth logging practices of the past no longer make sense. Instead, the focus should be on sustainable industries like tourism and commercial fishing, each of which contribute around $1 billion annually into the region’s economy. The Tongass – and the bears, salmon and wolves that reside in it – draw more than one million visitors to the region each year.

    Please join us in calling on Congress to keep Alaska’s public lands in public hands, and provide the Tongass with protections that preserve it now and for future generations.