Thank Sec. Jewell for Protecting Izembek National Wildlife Refuge!

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell recently upheld a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision forbidding a road through federally designated Wilderness in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Congress designated Izembek as Wilderness more than three decades ago to conserve important habitat for fish, migratory birds such as the Pacific black Brant, brown bears, salmon and other wildlife. 

This decision is critical for America’s public lands. Had Secretary Jewell allowed the road to be built, it would have set a dangerous precedent for stripping protections from other designated Wilderness areas in Alaska and across the country. Help us show Secretary Jewell that we are paying attention and applaud her decision. We need to ask her to continue making the right choices when it comes to protecting Alaska’s most wild places!

Izembek Lagoon
Izembek Lagoon

Approximate location of the Izembek Refuge

The proposed road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge would have fragmented the refuge, destroying a designated Wilderness area and fragile wetlands of global ecological significance. Thank you for your leadership in rejecting this damaging and costly road.

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