Submit a Public Comment to Stop an Arctic Ocean Triple Whammy

At the same time that Shell is once again laying the groundwork to drill in America’s Arctic Ocean, the Obama administration is setting the stage for future oil drilling over the next several years. The new plan should disallow new Arctic Ocean leasing for oil and gas for three reasons:

Oil spills.
Shell’s reckless track record, plus the inability to clean up oil spills in turbulent, unpredictable Arctic waters sets the stage for disaster.

Climate change.
 Melting Arctic sea ice hurts polar bears, walrus and other animals, while rising waters threaten coastal areas like Miami and New York. 

Black carbon. Oil drilling and production put more black soot into the air, which is deposited onto the Arctic ice, causing it to absorb more heat and melt faster.

Submit a public comment telling the Obama administration to protect the Arctic Ocean from oil drilling.

Photo credits: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council (top); The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Bottom R); Flickr Community Commons – Polar Cruises (Bottom L) 

Dear Secretary Jewell:

I urge you to keep the Arctic Ocean out of the 2017-2022 five-year oil and gas leasing program.  The Interior Department needs a plan for the Arctic Ocean that protects special areas and local communities, accounts for climate change, and does not allow dangerous drilling.

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