Support the strong Wilderness alternative for the Chugach National Forest

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I support Alternative D for the Chugach National Forest Management Plan revision, which would designate 97% of the Nellie Juan-College Fjord Wilderness Study Area (WSA) as Wilderness.  To protect this area until Congress acts, I ask that the management plan be strengthened to protect and monitor the wilderness characteristics of the WSA, so that this wild place can be handed down intact to future generations!


    The Chugach National Forest is an incredibly important resource for southcentral Alaska. The lands and waters provide for unique cultures, strong economies, and high quality wilderness experiences for Alaskans and tourists alike.

    The Forest Service listened to our comments two years ago, and have developed a strong Wilderness alternative that would recommend Congress designate 1.88 million acres of the Nellie Juan-College Fjord Wilderness Study Area for Wilderness protections.

    See a map of Alternative D.

    Comment today to support this strong Wilderness alternative, and management that keeps these lands in Wilderness-quality conditions until Congress acts on the recommendation. Be sure to add your personalized comments for why this matters, as that will make our case more compelling to the Forest Service. The comment period ends on November 1, and you can find more information here.