SAExploration: Stay out of the Arctic Refuge!

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The Arctic Refuge is America’s last true wilderness, and as public land, it belongs to all Americans. Please reconsider your plans to conduct seismic testing on the Arctic Refuge’s delicate coastal plain. If you move forward, your company will be infamous for harming threatened polar bears, undermining the human rights of the Gwich’in people, and helping to destroy our country’s last great wilderness.


    A company called SAExploration is looking to explore for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this winter. The company claims its seismic testing is sophisticated, but the reality is brutal. Massive 30 to 45-ton trucks would crawl across the tundra, using huge vibration machines to send 64,000 pounds of force into the ground while polar bear families den nearby. This testing will destroy fragile tundra and vegetation needed by countless wild creatures.

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