Stop new drilling leases in our Arctic Ocean!

Sec. Zinke:

Opening America’s coasts to offshore leasing ignores the will of our coastal communities and the millions of Americans who have voiced their opposition to offshore drilling. America’s publicly owned waters should be conserved and protected, not turned over to the oil industry. Do not allow new lease sales in areas off our coasts, including the Arctic Ocean.

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    No one wants contaminated seafood, smoggy air, oiled animals or spoiled coastlines. And to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must keep new oil reserves in the ground, not open our public waters to more oil drilling. Yet, the Trump administration is pushing forward with plans to hand these waters over to the oil industry.

    Over the next few months, the public can comment on the Trump administration’s attempt to write a new one. New leasing in places like the Arctic Ocean will inevitably lead to a spill if drilling occurs, one that is impossible to clean up. Please add a comment that rejects more drilling in the Arctic Ocean.