Protect the Arctic Refuge this term!

Send a letter!

Dear Member, Let’s start 2019 off right! As the new session begins, please keep protections for the Arctic Refuge in mind, and use whatever means necessary to keep drills out of its coastal plain where caribou and denning polar bears raise their young.


    The wild Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could be changed forever as early as this December.

    Sign a letter welcoming returning and new members of Congress and urge them to protect the Arctic Refuge. Every member, new or returning, needs to hear from their constituents about the importance of restoring protections for this special home to polar bears and caribou.

    Prevent the Trump administration from barreling forward with plans for destructive oil and gas activities on the Arctic Refuge coastal plain. Take a stand against the serious biological, cultural and climate impacts fossil fuel extraction will have in the rapidly warming Arctic.